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Venue – Selwyn Sports Centre (hubbed with Badminton, Boccia, Table Tennis)

Entry Fee – $110+gst per team

Tournament Information

Basketball Contact:  Scott Baker – Selwyn Hawks Basketball


Rules: The Koru Games 3×3 Basketball competitions will be played under the FIBA Rules of the Game.

  1. All games will be played in the spirit of ‘Fair Play’. To mark this all players will shake hands before and after each game.
  2. Each team will consist of five players with three on court at any time.
  3. All games will be played on half a court.
  4. A coin toss will determine who starts with the ball.
  5. Successful shots from within the arc are worth 1 point, outside the arc 2 points and from the free throw line 1 point.
  6. Each game shall consist of one 12 minute period, there is no half time.
  7. Once a team has reached 9 team fouls subsequent fouls will result in free throws.
  8. No personal fouls will be collated but the official has the right to eject anyone they believe to be playing in an unsporting fashion.
  9. Fouls committed in the act of shooting inside the arc result in one free throw and outside the arc result in two free throws.
  10. Play is restarted after successful shots by the non-scoring team passing the ball into the field of play from the baseline underneath the hoop. No scoring can occur until the ball has traveled outside the arc.
  11. Substitutions can happen by either team any time the ball becomes dead.
  12. There will be no warming up with basketballs within the Rec Centre due to limited space. You will be able to warm up/practise on the outdoor half court.


Competitions: Boys and Girls tournaments will be played separately. Girls are permitted to play within a ‘Boys’ team if needed to make up numbers but they will compete as a ‘Boys’ team in the Boys competition. Each school can enter one team in each competition.

Format: The Basketball tournament has separate boys and girls competitions. They will play round robin games in pools, the results of which will give seeding for a knockout round resulting in overall placings. Get your draws here

Team Manager: All teams must be accompanied by a manager (teacher, parent, senior student).

First Aid: Leeston Physio will be set up at Lincoln University to provide first aid to any basketball competitors that need it during the three days. Complete Podiatry will be on site alongside the physio on Thursday.

Food/Beverage: Pita Pit and Tamperblack Coffee will be onsite during the Games.

Equipment: Match balls will be supplied. Schools are asked not to bring additional balls into the centre due to the lack of space available and the disruption caused by large numbers of balls in the small space.

Lincoln University Site Plan LU Rec Centre Access Points

girls draw girls results boys draw boys results
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