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Venue – Prebbleton Reserve, Tosswill Road, Prebbleton 7604. (hubbed with tennis)

Entry Fee – $160+gst per team

Tournament Information

Football Contact:       Shannon Gilmore – Prebbleton Football Club

Rules: The Koru Games Football competitions will be played under normal football rules, with the following exceptions/alterations;

  1. All games will be played in the spirit of ‘Fair Play’. To mark this all players will shake hands before and after each game.
  2. The football competitions are nine-a-side, with a maximum number of 12 per squad.
  3. Games will be played on 50m x 70m pitches.
  4. All infringements shall be penalized with an indirect free kick at the point of infringement or at least 5 meters from the goal (own goal counts).
  5. No slide tackles.
  6. A size 4 ball will be used.
  7. No offside will be played, corners and throw-ins as usual.
  8. Teams are allowed unlimited rolling substitutions when the ball is out of play.
  9. Games will consist of 12 minute halves, with a 3 minute half time break signaled by a horn.
  10. Throw-ins must be taken where the ball left the field, be thrown from behind the head with two hands in a continuous movement and direction with feet stationary.
  11. The defending team must be 5 meters from the ball at the time of any free kick, goal kick, corner kick and kick off.
  12. At all kick offs the ball shall go in any direction but must be touched by another player in the same team.
  13. Goalkeepers are allowed to handle to ball within 5m of their own goal.
  14. Players will be asked to leave the pitch for violent or offensive behaviour as determined by the referee and cannot be replaced by another player. The tournament coordinator has the right to exclude a player from a game or the tournament.
  15. All players must wear shin pads covered by socks, matching tops and covered footwear when on the field of play.
  16. An attacking player can only score from within the opposition half.
  17. Play must begin within 3 minutes of the starting horn otherwise a default is given and a five goal win.
  18. All other football rules apply, common sense prevails.
  19. The tournament coordinator’s decisions are final.


Competitions: Boys and Girls tournaments will be played separately. Girls are permitted to play within a ‘Boys’ team if needed to make up numbers but they will compete as a ‘Boys’ team in the Boys competition. Each school is able to enter two teams per competition.

Format: The Football tournament has separate boys and girls competitions. They will play round robin games in pools, the results of which will give seeding for a knockout round (penalty shoot outs will be used in knockout rounds if there is a draw at full time) resulting in overall placings. Get your draws here

Referees: Teams must bring a nominated referee with them. They will be used as backup for referees sourced by the organisers. Include their details in your entry form.

Team Manager: All teams must be accompanied by a manager (teacher, parent, senior student).

First Aid: to be confirmed

Food/Beverage: to be confirmed

Equipment: Each team is responsible for supplying a match ball (size 4).

Prebbleton Map      Prebbleton Site Plan

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