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Table Tennis

Venue – Selwyn Sports Centre (hubbed with Badminton, Basketball and Boccia)

Entry Fee – $90+gst per team

Tournament Information

Table Tennis Contact:          Grant Wilson – Table Tennis Canterbury

If you require further assistance when putting together or training your table tennis team please contact Table Tennis Canterbury or your local table tennis sporting body.

Rules: The Koru Games Table Tennis competitions will be played under Official Table Tennis Rules.

  1. All games will be played in the spirit of ‘Fair Play’. To mark this all players will shake hands before and after each game.
  2. Each team will consist of at least two and no more than four players.
  3. Each match will consist of three games, two singles games and a doubles game. Players can fill any position within the team throughout the Koru Games.
  4. ‘Ball under the  table’ will determine who selects to serve or select end.
  5. All sets are best of five, each up to 11 with a 2 point advantage required.
  6. Allow 45 minutes per match.
  7. Rally point scoring, each rally/serve is worth a point regardless of who served.
  8. Each player gets two serves before server changes. Serves must be made from behind the baseline, bounce on the server’s side of the court before the opponent’s and be thrown up from a flat palm that is above the table.
  9. All service net balls will be replayed serves.
  10. In all doubles matches players must have alternant hits on their side of the table. They must serve to the diagonal opposite side of the table from the right hand side of the table. Players will change sides with their partner after serving.
  11. End changes will happen at the end of each set.
  12. Two points are awarded to the winning team and 1 for a loss.
  13. If teams are drawn after pool play, they will be separated by who won during pool play, points for and finally points against according to standardized national competition format.
  14. Non-playing students will do the umpiring, being overseen by the coaches/managers.


Competitions: Boys, Girls and Mixed tournaments will be played separately. Each school can enter up to two teams in each competition.

Format: The Table Tennis tournament has separate boys, girls and mixed competitions. They will play round robin games in pools, the results of which will give seeding for a knockout round resulting in overall placings.

Team Manager: All schools/teams must be accompanied by a manager (teacher, parent, senior student).

First Aid: to be confirmed

Food/Beverage: to be confirmed

Equipment: Schools are encouraged to supply their own bats and match balls but some equipment can be provided.

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