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Ultimate (frisbee)

Venue – Foster Park, Goulds Road, Rolleston (hubbed with Hockey, Touch & Volleyball)

Entry Fee – $90+gst per team


Tournament Information

Ultimate Contact:           Tye Lawson– Canterbury Ultimate

Rules: The Koru Games Ultimate Competition will be played under the following rules, based on WFDF rules.


Throw away – the thrower misses his target and the disc falls to the ground

Drop – the receiver is not able to catch the disc

Block – a defender deflects the disc in mid-flight, causing it to hit the ground

Interception – a defender catches a disc thrown by the offense

Out of bounds – the disc lands out of bounds, hits an object out of bounds or is caught by a player who lands out of bounds or leaps from outside the playing field

Stall – a player on offence does not throw the disc before the defender has counted out ten seconds.


Competitions: There will be a Mixed tournament only. Mixed teams must have an even gender split within the squad and match genders at all times on the field of play (minimum of two of each gender at any time).


Format: The Ultimate tournament has a mixed competition only. They will play round robin games in pools, the results of which will give seeding for a knockout round resulting in overall placings.


Officials: The Ultimate tournament is self-refereed. As such, players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes


Team Manager: All teams must be accompanied by a manager (teacher, parent, senior student).


First Aid: to be confirmed


Food/Beverage: Currently being sourced


Equipment: Each team will be responsible for supplying a match disc.


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