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Lawn Bowls

Venue – Lincoln Bowling Club, North Belt, Lincoln (hubbed with Netball & Rugby Sevens).

Entry Fee – $60+gst per pair

Tournament Information

Bowls Contacts:          Erica Ayres– Bowls Canterbury

For further assistance when finding equipment, putting together or training your Lawn Bowls team please contact Emily at Bowls Canterbury.

Rules: The Koru Games Lawn Bowls competitions will be played under normal lawn bowls rules, unless listed below;

  1. All games will be played in the spirit of ‘Fair Play’. To mark this all players will shake hands before and after each game.
  2. The aim is to get as many bowls as close to the jack as possible on each end.
  3. All games will be played as pairs, with two bowls per participant per end.
  4. Four ends per game, with five minutes in between games.
  5. Paper/Scissors/Rock will decide who starts each game.
  6. A bell will signal the start and end of play. Teams are still to complete the end they have started once the end of play bell sounds.
  7. Players are able to switch between lead and skip between games but not during a game.
  8. The jack and the mat are to be placed on the chalk markers.
  9. At the end of each game your scorecards are to be handed to the Bowls Coordinator.
  10. The jack and the mat are to be placed on the chalk markers.
  11. Three points are awarded for a win, two for a draw and one for a loss. Scores in each game are also recorded so don’t give up!
  12. If players are unsure of which bowl is closest please ask for a coach.
  13. Coaches are available to decide which bowl is closest if needed.
  14. The tournament coordinator’s decisions are final.
  15. HAVE FUN!!

Additional Information;

  1. Walk carefully on the green as it can be slippery.
  2. Be careful with the bowls, they can harm the green and toes if dropped.
  3. Players must wear flat-soled footwear and clothing representative of their school.
  4. Be prepared for all weathers (rain jacket, warm clothes and sun hat)
  5. There will be no lunch break, teams will be rolling on and off the green continuously throughout the day.
  6. Before competition starts on Day 1 time will be available for practice
  7. Bowls are supplied.


Competitions: Boys, Girls and Mixed tournaments will be held separately. There are no limits to the number of pairs each school can enter.

Format: The Lawn Bowls tournament has separate boys, girls and mixed competitions. They will play round robin games in pools, the results of which will give seeding for a knockout round resulting in overall placings.

Coaches:  Bowls NZ, Bowls Canterbury and the Lincoln Bowling Club will make coaches available throughout the tournament. There will be a heavy influence of this coaching on Day 1 of the tournament to ensure all players will be capable bowlers. We are committed to developing the skills of young coaches, as such, to express an interest in being a Lawn Bowls Coach please contact Emily or Katie.

Team Manager: All teams must be accompanied by a manager (teacher, parent, senior student).

First Aid: to be confirmed

Food/Beverage: Currently being sourced

Equipment: Bowls Canterbury and/or other clubs within Canterbury will supply bowls to use during the tournament. If you require help getting access to bowls to practice with prior to the tournament contact Emily.

girls draw girls results boys draw boys results mixed draw mixed results
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